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                                    Learner & Driver License Bookings

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Questions About the Drivers Licence


Can I buy a drivers licence?

This being South Africa, anything is possible. Legally, however, getting a driver's license by any means other than by passing the drivers licence test at a testing center is not allowed.

How to convert a foreign drivers licence?

The only station that does this in Johannesburg is the Langlaagte testing station. They are not extremely helpful, and only open on certain days and times. Expect to hear conflicting stories as to what you need to bring and what the requirements are. The best thing to do is go by the office there, sit down with the lady and go over their requirements in detail. You can get the gist of what they'll need from your local traffic department, but chances are that that list is incomplete.

You could also try phoning the Langlaagte Testing Station in advance, but they seem to be working far away from their phones. Good luck!

For how long is the Driver’s Licence valid?

Five years. After that initial 5 year period, it must be renewed at a testing center.